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The story of Tiger Claw begins in 1985 when Thomas Oh founded Tiger Claw Martial Arts Safety Products and Supplies. Originally, the Ohs envisioned creating an organization dedicated to the furthering of the martial arts world and distribution of high quality, diverse and affordable martial arts supplies. With this in mind, they created a group of companies which share the same corporate culture - a culture dedicated to providing the best for its customers and the martial arts world as a whole.

From the beginning, Tiger Claw has been dedicated to providing products that meet the necessities of all martial arts practitioners. This commitment entails creating a balance between the needs of the traditional practitioner and the ever-changing demands of the modern martial artist. It is evident throughout history that martial arts styles transform and evolve. We are all aware that the technologies available in the forms of material and technique are also constantly advancing to new levels. As a result, we at Tiger Claw have developed a philosophy of change to accommodate these cycles. As a manufacturer and supplier of martial arts equipment, Tiger Claw strives to adapt to all the changes that take place within the martial arts industry. Tiger Claw is committed to the safety, demands, and desires of our customers. We provide you only the best of what you should expect out of your martial arts equipment.

Kung Fu Magazine was founded in 1992 and serves the martial arts community from beginner to master by preserving martial arts history. With rare interviews, step-by-step photos, and in-depth articles, Kung Fu Magazine is able to bring knowledge and insight to martial arts fans everywhere. With its official website,, Kung Fu Magazine is one of the most influential online references for the Chinese martial arts. Our website hosts one of the largest discussion forums dedicated to martial arts with over 40,000 hits a day, keeping martial artists aware of the most recent martial news available around the world. Kung Fu Magazine has a complete facility for video production and editing; we produce instructional and demonstrative martial arts videos with over 200 titles currently available. This division of Tiger Claw, known as TC Media, International, is directed by Gigi Oh.

Tiger Claw's Championship

Tiger Claw’s Championship is an annual tournament of Chinese martial arts held in the San Francisco Bay Area. Originally, Tiger Claw organized the Tiger Claw Elite Championship, a nationwide series of competitions where different circuits, organizations, styles and schools competed together. There is an abundance of American karate and taekwondo tournaments, but a dearth of Chinese martial arts competitions, so TCEC introduced Chinese divisions to events across the country. In 2008, TCEC became Martial Arts Benefit for Quake Victims which rallied the Chinese martial arts community for a fundraiser that generated over $73,000 for survivors of the Sichuan quake. When TCEC concluded, there was an outpouring of requests to preserve a Chinese competition. Under the auspices of Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine, Tiger Claw’s Championship was launched in 2009. TCKFMC has quickly become one of the leading Chinese martial arts events of the nation, receiving more magazine and web coverage than any other.

Tiger Claw has a history of contributing to the martial arts. It has been the intention of Thomas and Gigi to give support to the athletes and further the martial arts. The Tiger Claw Foundation is a non-profit fundraising body to better facilitate the proper allocation of such contributions. Their initial project was the cause behind the 10th Anniversary of Kungfu Qigong Magazine Benefit Gala - fundraising for 2008 U.S.A. Olympic Wushu Team. Keep checking our website for further information and upcoming events.

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