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Yanqing Mizong Fist - DVD

In 1972, Bruce Lee starred in the groundbreaking film, Fist of Fury, based on the true-life hero, Grandmaster Huo Yuanjia. In it, Bruce Lee uses a secret technique, the "Fist of Fury", a dramatization of Grandmaster Huo's real method, Yanqing Mizong Fist. Now you can learn the real fighting method behind Yanqing Mizong Fist. Yanqing was a famous Song Dynasty hero from a classic martial arts epic titled Outlaws of the Marsh. Mizong means "lost track". This is a deceptive and powerful method of combat, with many blinding attacks to the eyes and deadly strikes to the throat. It's fast and ferocious, a classical style that remains extremely effective for modern-day self-defense. This instructional tape teaches you both the basic and advanced Yanqing Mizong Fist forms in easy-to-learn lessons, complete with applications for combat from multiple camera angles. Also included are special training methods and conditioning with traditional bean bags. Demonstrated by Master Tony Chen. Trained in traditional and modern combat systems, Master Chen is a national sparring champion and taught police combat in China. In 1998, he founded the first USA O-Mei Kung Fu Academy.


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