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Wing Chun Series: Chum Kiu: The Combat Bridge

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DVD-BM00B is the combination of video series vol. 3 Chum Kiu (The Combat Bridge) & vol.4 Chum Kiu (The Combat Bridge) Training Exercises & Applications.

Wing Chun Series Vol 3 - Chum Kiu (The Combat Bridge)

This third video in a series of videos presented by the Ving Tsun Museum on the Yip Man system, builds on the two previous tapes, bringing you into the intermediate level of training. The Chum Kiu set introduces footwork and movement through body unity, teaching you how to generate power through all directions - up/down, twisting left/right, and stepping forward/backward/sideways. It examines the motions and techniques, forms and body mechanics, attributes, concepts and tactics, and applications introduced in the Siu Nim Tau set with the added dimension of movement. The information is presented in several formats throughout the video - solo, partner demonstration, and application - giving you a chance to see the simplicity, directness, and efficiency of this Wing Chun lineage. (approx. 60 min.)

Wing Chun Series Vol 4 - Chum Kiu (The Combat Bridge) Training Exercises & Applications

This fourth video builds on the format demonstrated in the three tapes, this time presenting the Chi Sau level of exercises and drills for the Chum Kiu student. These exercises and drills directly relate to the Chum Kiu set, reinforcing body mechanics and introducing the element of stepping and dynamic balance in all directions. Luk Sau, Jip Sau, Jau Sau, Teui Mah, and Don Da are covered through motions and techniques, forms and body mechanics, attributes, concepts and tactics, and applications. By having skill in these exercises and drills, the student is training his hands and body to be on auto-pilot to react spontaneously and correctly to changing situations. Yip Man once said that if a student, having attained the skills of Siu Nim Tau and Chum Kiu, ever lost a fight, he would throw himself off the roof of the Restaurant Workers Union. He never had to make good on that promise due to the excellent training provided in this lineage of Wing Chun. (approx. 60 min.)






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