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Small Circle Jujitsu: Kyusho-Jitsu Connection

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Small Circle Jujitsu is a world accredited system created by Professor Wally Jay - 10th Dan Grandmaster. Fluidity, economy of motion and effortless control are all trade marks of this system. Sensei Leon Jay enhances the techniques of Small Circle Jujitsu using the powerful pressure point attacks of Kyusho-Jitsu. This potent combination of styles is extremely effective and can be utilized within any martial art. This form of self defense does not take a tremendous amount of strength and can be used by both men and women.

Sensei Jay has over 40 years of training experience and is held in high regard as an instructor. He travels worldwide teaching to students and instructors alike, incorporating The Small Circle Jujitsu / Kyusho-Jitsu Connection into many different fighting systems.

Techniques included in this tape: Finger locks, Arm locks, Arm bars, Chokes, Transitional flow, grappling and pressure point strikes and over 20 KOs using Dillman pressure point applications.


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