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Practical Street Self-Protection, Vol. 1 & 2

This DVD set collects both volumes of the "Practical Street Self-Protection" series:

Practical Street Self-Protection (Volume 1: Super Effective Practical Locks for the Street)

"Let the attacker make the mistake; you take advantage of his mistake."

This DVD set is great for anyone from seasoned veteran to beginner martial artist. Sensei Ed Melaugh of Small Circle Jujitsu will show you how to bring out the practical, realistic side of self-protection for the street. Sensei Ed Melaugh teaches you to use vital principles and concepts through the use of drills. He will train you how to add in practical locks that will stop an attacker cold in his tracks in any street situation.

Practical Street Self-Protection (Volume 2: Locks, Strikes and Transitions to Stop an Attacker Quickly) In Vol. 2, Sensei Ed Melaugh demonstrates how to use kicks, strikes, and more advanced locks, creating powerful transitions that will overwhelm your attacker immediately. You’ll receive the benefit of Sensei Melaugh’s best techniques, developed after years of training. Learn how to create and exploit the attacker’s mistakes!

These DVDs are endorsed by Professor Wally Jay, founder of Small Circle Jujitsu.


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