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Leon Jay Seminar Series Vol. 2

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Leon Jay Seminar Series Volume 2

  1. Wrist Lock
  2. Ten Principles of Small Circle
  3. Wrist Lock Open and fist
  4. Funny Story
  5. Elbow Strike Insert
  6. Pistol Grip Two Finger Bent Elbow
  7. Thumb Lock
  8. Thumb Peel
  9. Cross Wrist Escape
  10. Cross Wrist Using Pressure Points
  11. Opposite Wrist Escape
  12. Centerline Theory
  13. Vertical Wrist Lock
  14. Second Half
  15. Double Hand Shove
  16. Stomach 5 Strike
  17. Kneeling Arm Bar
  18. Monkey Paw
  19. Side Arm bar
  20. Drag Over
  21. Squeezing Knee Arm Bar
  22. Chicken Wing
  23. Right Leg Step Over
  24. Left Leg Step Over


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