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Shuai-Chiao: The Ancient Chinese Fighting Art, Vol. 2

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Vol.2: Shuai Chiao is the ancient Chinese art of take downs and throws. Join Dr. Daniel Chi-hsiu Weng, a pupil of the renowned Shuai Chiao Grandmaster Ch’ang Tung-Sheng, as he shows you everything you need to know to get a black belt in this venerated fighting style. Dr. Weng demonstrates each technique, form and throw at real combat speed first, and then breaks them down into clear easy-to-follow lessons. This video series teaches you the history, applications, safe landing methods and self defense techniques.

(Green-Blue-Green Belt & Blue Belt (4th Chieh & 5th Chieh): Intermediate forms and throws for the next two belt rankings. The second 15 characters of Grandmaster Ch’ang Tung-Sheng enlightening ‘Poem of Shuai Chiao’ are explained.)






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