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Shaolin Muscle-Tendon Change Classic

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The Shaolin Muscle-Tendon Change Classic is the first qigong form created by the founder of Shaolin Kung Fu and Zen, Bodhidharma. Today, the Shaolin Muscle-Tendon Change Classic (or Yi Jin Jing as it is known in Chinese) is one of the most venerated forms of qigong, used by men and women of all ages, martial artists and non-martial artists alike, to harness and cultivate their natural internal power. Now you can learn this venerated form as taught by Shaolin's most eminent scholar monk, 31st generation Shaolin master Shi De Qian. You will learn all the postures, breathing techniques and even the ancient Chinese names of this cornerstone method. Actually shot within the hallowed courtyards of the original Shaolin Temple of China. (approx. 48 min.)


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