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Legendary Grandmasters of China (Series Box Set)

Legendary Grandmasters of China

The Legendary Grandmasters of China library is an eighteen video series that features thirteen of China’s greatest grandmasters. The youngest of these grandmasters is Gao Chunhe, who was born in 1921. The oldest is Lu Zijian, who is still alive at 115 at this writing. The other grandmasters include Huang Ruilu, Lin Xuan, Ma Zhendai, Peng Gaoji, Peng Yuanzhi, Wang Dengzhou, Yang Tianyun, Yang Wenzhang, Wang Shutian, Zhang Shoubo and Zhao Zinan. These grandmasters were documented during China’s National Martial Arts Survey which was held from 1983 to 1986. When the department in charge of this survey was shut down by the government, much of the data from the survey was lost. Fortunately, some footage was recovered and survived.

TC Media is proud to present these historic videos. The footage has been re-mastered and the videos now include new lesson material. The forms demonstrated by the grandmasters are broken down for instructional purposes by leading contemporary practitioners of these styles. Each of these practitioners has risen to mastery during our generation. TC Media is always striving to showcase traditional martial arts through our videos, publications and websites. We truly hope that you enjoy the entire Legendary Grandmasters of China series. Thank you for helping to preserve the legacy of these great Grandmasters for future generations to come.


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