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Judo Grappling and Throwing Arts

Judo: Grappling & Throwing Arts
Olympic & Paralympic Coach Willy Cahill
*8th Degree Black Belt in Judo & 10th Degree Black Belt in Jujitsu
*Black Belt & Jujitsu Hall of Fame Judo Instructor of the Year
*Judo Coach, Cahillís Judo Academy, S.F. State Univ., & Stanford Univ.
*U.S. Coach Pan American Games 1983, 1987
*U.S. Coach World Championships 1981, 1985, 1987, 1989, & 1991
*U.S. Coach Pacific Rim Championship 1983, 1985
*U.S. Olympic Games Asst. Coach 1984, 1988
*U.S. Coach Goodwill Games 1986, 1990

Judo: Grappling and Throwing Art - Techniques that work!
Demonstrated by judo players who have used them effectively to win,
this program is excellent for any student, no matter what your level of
skill. Features National Champions, Gold Medalists and Olympians
from the 1960ís to the 1990ís.

*Brett Barron: 5 time U.S. Champion; Olympic Sports Festival;
Dutch Open; Pan American; Olympic; World Goodwill Games.
*Corinne Shigemoto: 5 time U.S. Champion; Pan American, British,
& Canadian Open; Olympic Festival; 92 Olympic Coach.
*John Matsuoka: 2 time U.S. Champion; 4 Year College Champion;
Bronze Medal World University Games.
*Mike Kessler: Bronze Medal Junior World Champions.
*Mike Pechina: 3 time U.S. High School National Champion; 2 & 4
Year College Champion; U.S. Olympic Festival Champion.
*Monica Emmerson: U.S. Champion; Best Technique Award
High School Nationals; U.S. Womenís World Championships.


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