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Grandmaster Zhang Lingmei, Vol. 2: Cha Quan

Cha Quan is one of the most famous forms of kung fu. It is a traditional style and was used as the basis for the sport of contemporary wushu. This Cha Quan form is Cha Quan number four, the most famous of the system. Grandmaster Zhang Lingmei’s interpretation of Cha Quan has a special character which helped earn her glorious reputation. You’ll learn the combat applications in simple, easy to learn lessons. You’ll also discover the core principles of Chinese martial arts: kicks, strikes, throws and locks. This is excellent training to develop a strong foundation. Grandmaster Zhang Lingmei is China’s highest-ranking female master. She has demonstrated for world leaders around the globe and has the most decorated record of any female coach or athlete. She has been a professional martial artist for nearly fifty years and is known in martial arts circles as “the longest evergreen tree.”


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