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Emei Water Tai Chi

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Emei Water Tai Chi theory descends from Zhang Sanfeng’s Tai Chi 13 Forms, Wong Zhong Yue’s Tai Chi Fist Discussion; Zheng Mengqi’s Swimming on Land and Wang Zuanghung’s Water Style. Emei Water Tai Chi was created by Tai Chi Master and Qigong Master, Jack Fu Xueli, and his martial brother, Master Wang Fangxin. It is based on the teachings of Grandmaster Lin Mogen combined with theories of the four legendary grandmasters above. Learning Water Tai Chi will help you to understand the theory behind traditional Tai Chi. Practicing Water Tai Chi will help you to achieve a soft body quickly and to be able to really feel the internal energy flowing like water. You will learn the basic movements, 31 posture forms, push hands and applications. This instructional DVD will help you to gain the real Tai Chi internal power that has made Tai Chi masters famous.


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