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Emei Tai Chi Push Hands: Volume 3

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This series of Tai Chi Push Hands instructional DVDs are compiled by the famous master, Jack Fu Xueli. Hailing from Chinaís Emei Mountain, Master Fu is a master of Tai Chi, Qigong and wushu. Master Fuís method is based on the teachings of his master, Grandmaster Lin Mogen, his martial brother, Lin Wentao, Grandmaster Wu Xinliang and many other leading Tai Chi Push Hands exponents. Itís also drawn from Master Fuís personal experience from many other masters, as well as his extensive national and international championship competition.

DVD-FX003: Emei Tai Chi Push Hands Volume Three - Moving Push Hands & Applications Ė Listening Energy

Volume three contains Moving Step Push Hands Method, Understanding Power, Controlling the Opponent, Off-Balancing the Opponent, Uprooting the Opponent, Footwork Changes, 9 Listening Energy Methods and Domination of Opponent with Push Hands Fighting.


SKU:   DVD-FX003




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