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Emei Fire Dragon Fist

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In Chinese, Huo Long means Fire Dragon and Quan means Fist. Fire Dragon Fist was founded by Taoist Master Huo Long after he witnessed a snake and monkey fighting on Emei Mountain. It is one of the rarest forms and has not been taught openly to the public until now. This form is known for these characteristics: Phoenix Fist, Palm Strikes to Crotch, Quick and Agile footwork, Waist like a Snake, Hands Sticky and Sneaky in Attack and Unrelenting Striking. It is said that if you learn Fire Dragon style "you can go any where without fear".

This Fire Dragon Fist demonstrated by Master Jack Fu Xueli. Master Fu learned this form from the 6th Generation Lineage Holder of Fire Dragon Style, Grandmaster Zhang Hanbin. Grandmaster Zhang carried the lineage from Grandmaster Zhong Fanhan, with Emei Grandmaster Wu Xinliang guiding the way. This form is the most authentic and unchanged rendition of Fire Dragon Fist ever recorded on video.


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