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Elisa Au: Conditioning and Speed Training

In this DVD, Elisa will show you her own unique workout, conditioning, and speed training drills. Known for being in superb shape at all times, Elisa will show you some of the secrets to getting into top condition for competition. The days of just fighting are over.

Elisa will show you what she learned at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado and how she applies this knowledge to her Karate training. Elisa blends the old with the new, mixing traditional training drills with modern techniques, taking karate training to an all new level. You will learn, Agility ball, Kicking shield, agility ladder, and awesome jumping drills that will change your thinking about martial arts training. This series of DVDs is a must for every serious Martial Artist student or instructor - Order your copy today.


SKU:   DVD-RS258




JCMA Presents: Napa Valley Jr Karate Championships
August 29, 2015.
American Canyon High School, 3000 Newell Dr., American Canyon, CA

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