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DVD Complete Set - David Hansen's Nunchaku

DVD Series By Sensei Chuck Hansen
Learn the fastest and flashiest techniques of this popular weapon through this safe, time-tested program.

Volume 1: Introduction to Nunchaku.
This instructional DVD shows all the basics: warm ups, breathing, stances, blocks, strikes and drills. Based on the curriculum of Sundragon Martial Arts, producer of many nunchaku champions and masters. (40 min.)

Volume 2: Intermediate Nunchaku
Learn many new striking methods and accompanying drills, including a special training form called "Dragon Myst", which reinforces all the techniques in one fluent and flashy form. Plus: basics of twin nunchaku. (40 min.)

Volume 3: Advanced Nunchaku
Advanced Nunchaku training focusing on using two nunchaku and open hand techniques. Learn speed techniques, spins, rolls, and combination forms. (40 min.)

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SKU:   DVD-DH010





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