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Chen Style Taiji Broadsword and Five Methods of Push Hands

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The Chen Taiji Broadsword form is a classic weapon routine that is usually studied at the intermediate level. It enhances fajing, the relaxed, explosive release of force typical to Chen Taijiquan. The broadsword form is a rare example of the ferocity of Chen Taijiquan that emphasizes on speed and power delivered with the style’s unique requirements.

An old Chinese martial arts saying goes, "Single broadsword techniques have focus on the hand while double broadsword techniques focus on the footwork." The Chen Style Taiji broadsword follows this idea with precise coordination between the broadsword-wielding hand and the empty hand.

Comprised of thirteen techniques, Chen Taiji broadsword instills harmonization of softness and hardness, quickness and slowness, adhering and following, and chansijing, the powerful silk reeling energy. Basic usage involves winding the broadsword around the upper body like a shield, closely wrapping the saber around the waist, expansive cleaving and total vehemence. Master Ren Guangyi’s execution of the broadsword exemplifies this spirit./p>

Also presented is a demonstration of Chen Taiji’s five levels of push hands or tuishou and applications. Master Ren Guangyi’s execution of push hands introduces Chen Taiji usage to the novice.


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