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Cane Master - Set (CM01, CM02 & CM03)

Cane Masters: Basic Foundation (DVD-CM01)
The backbone of cane self-defense techniques. All the blocks, strikes, punches, twirls, and swings in the Can Masters system demonstrated both right and left handed. Essential.

Intermediate Techniques and Drills (DVD-CM02)
Combining the elements shown in Basic Foundation, this DVD demonstrates easy to follow techniques to ward off attacks by a single opponent. Complete with practice drills for fighting and self-defense with a partner. Approx. 45 min.

Advanced Techniques and Takedowns (DVD-CM03)
Features the devastating power of the crook. Learn a wide variety of takedowns and control techniques specifically designed for the cane as well as defensive techniques for use against a variety of weapons.

Winning Katas and Techniques (DVD-CM04)
Mark Shuey, Sr. shares his advanced techniques and winning kata with you that he used to win 50 first places, 6 Grand Championships, and the World and National Titles in 1998 and 1999! 51 min.

Street Techniques (DVD-CM05)
We have combined a variety of blocks and counters introduced in our other instructional videos into a series of techniques designed for self-defense in a true street situation. Learn effective ìdown and dirtyî tactics against a variety of different attacks.

Cane Master Set DVD-CM01, DVD-CM02 & DVD-CM03
A group price for the three beginning Cane Master DVDs.


SKU:   DVD-CM010




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