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Blue Double Weave Traditional Uniform

Cahill's newly designed Double Weave Classic Elite Judo Uniform. This uniform was specially designed by Olympic Judo Coach Willy Cahill and is the official uniform for the USABA National Judo Team. The draw-string pants have a two-ply construction on the front side running almost its entire length from the thigh to the cuff. Stronger stitching methods are used where it counts, especially in the grappling areas of the lapel and chest. Enhanced re-enforcement is sewn in to decrease chances of wear and tear. Interlocked stitching can also be found along the major seams that undergo extreme pulling forces like the backside of the jacket and down the sleeves as well as in the armpits and crotch area.

Approved by the U.S. Judo Association. Sold in sets only. Belt not included.

Please note: Due to the fabric weave of this uniform and a center seam down the middle, back logos are not available on these uniforms. Silk screens are distressed in nature and will appear slightly different than if printed on a flat material. Due to this, Tiger Claw is unable to guarantee silk screening on these uniforms.

Cahill Gi Size Chart
Size Height Weight
2 5'2" 115
2 5'3" 120
3 5'5" 125
3 5'6" 140
4 5'7" 150
4 5'8" 160
5 5'9" 175
5 5'10" 180
6 6'0" 195
6 6'1" 215
7 6'2" 225


SKU:   11-552




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