SUMMER 2018 Kung Fu Tai Chi – WIN Bruce Lee: A Life autographed by Matthew Polly – INTO THE BADLANDS, Lightsaber Combat & Lewis Tan in DEADPOOL 2



The SUMMER 2018 Table of Contents is available online.

Enter to win’s contest for Bruce Lee: A Life autographed by Matthew Polly! Contest ends 5:30 p.m. PST on 6/7/2018.

Binging Badlands yet? READ INTO THE BADLANDS Season 3: From Colts to Clippers – Growing Up in the Badlands by Gene Ching

SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY has us thinking about lightsabers. READ Lightsaber Combat and the Value of Myth in the Martial Arts by Dr. Benjamin N. Judkins and Chad Eisner

Lewis Tan is on FIRE! READ Lewis Tan on DEADPOOL 2’s Shatterstar and INTO THE BADLANDS by Gene Ching and Patrick Lugo

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