Grandmaster Wally Jay, 1918-2011


Grandmaster Wally JayIt is with great sadness that we note the passing of Grandmaster Wally Jay. Grandmaster Jay was a dear friend to Tiger Claw from the early years. He was always ready to lend his sage advice and welcome support to any effort to promote the martial arts. Grandmaster Jay was featured on the cover of two magazines published previously by TC Media, International: our Fall 1992 DOJO magazine and our May June 1997 World of Martial Arts Magazine. TC Media also produced the instructional DVD, Advanced Small Circle Jujitsu: Fulcrum Activation for Grandmaster Jay, along with several more for his son Leon, as well as a very special DVD, Professor Wally Jay’s 90th Birthday Tribute. Always respectful and polite, Grandmaster Jay embodied the nobility and honor of a legendary martial artist. As a true inspiration to countless martial artists, he will be sorely missed.

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