Jackie Chan’s SHINJUKU INCIDENT, National Geographic’s FIGHT SCIENCE & Kung Fu Pulp Fiction


Jackie Chan’s SHINJUKU INCIDENT begins a limited release in America this weekend. Check out Greg Lynch Jr.’s coverage of Jackie’s groundbreaking new film. Our own film columnist, Dr. Craig Reid, appears on this season of National Geographic’s Fight Science. Read My Life on FIGHT SCIENCE 2010 by Dr. Craig Reid. If you like Kung Fu Movies, you’ll love Kung Fu Pulp Fiction. Chinese martial arts novels comprise a large genre known as [I]wuxia[/I] literature. Learn more in The Anatomy of a Wuxia Novel by Simon McNeil.

Enter to win a LIMITED EDITION SHINJUKU INCIDENT POSTER. These are the original Hong-Kong-edition theatrical posters, now out of print. Contest ends 12:00 a.m. PST on 02/10/2010. Good luck everyone!

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