MMA Here to Stay


Don't you?

Don't you?

So I have a confession.  I love watching the gladiatorial combat that is MMA.  I laugh out loud when I see a guy or girl get punched right in the face.  Does that make me a bad person?  In schools across the nation I hear the debate of “Do I or Don’t I MMA it?”  While I feel that is still a personal choice, I don’t think anyone can deny the huge following the sport has on television.

I think its also a sign of the times. Throughout history, when things got a little rough, we sit back and watch people beat the tar out of each other.  Is it hard to imagine UFC President Dana White sitting in a flowing white toga with a crown of laurel leaves on his head drinking from an urn while the thousands seated around him scream for the lions to be released (or Lesners in our case)?  We love violence for its distracting value and sheer lower base brain waves–at least I do–and MMA has a fan base larger and faster growing than just about any other sport.

So unless anything unforseen happens in the future,  MMA is now part of our culture as Americans and martial artists.  It is the step-cousin we didn’t invite to the family reunion until he won the lottery. Well, MMA just hit the Powerball and now its time for us to embrace our new-found relation.

Of course everyone in MMA right now is lucky that one man has decided to sit this one out. I’m talkin’ about Chuck Norris.  Just to tease me he started his own league but to everyone’s dismay he remains on the side lines.

Chuck Norris Makes Onions Cry.


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