Kicking Your Way to an Economic Upswing


The economy has been the lead story on every news channel, magazine and newspaper you see. Headlines scream of major bailouts for banks and the Big 3 automakers, unemployment rates dropping to 1983 levels, and Wall Street closing at record lows; it seems the only glimmer of hope is that gas has dropped below $54 a barrel.

Everyone is starting to feel the effects of this economic downturn, especially small businesses like martial arts schools; so how can martial art school owners turn this bleak outlook to a positive?

In an economic downturn, if you run and maintain a business, budgeting and frugal spending are crucial. Recruiting students requires marketing and public relations strategies, which can be expensive and time consuming. Writing a press release is a great, cost-effective way to announce events and generate a buzz about your school for free. If you don’t feel comfortable writing a press release or just don’t have the time, ask a college student majoring in public relations to write the press release. This allows you to concentrate on teaching and running your business and will make a great addition to their portfolio.

My parents ran a small martial arts school and their biggest challenge was hiring instructors to teach. If you’re first starting out, or if you have to cut back, finding someone to teach for free can be difficult. If paying someone isn’t in the budget, assistant instructors may be willing to teach for a discount on their tuition or on items purchased from you. Like any suggestion, you need to decide what will work for you and your school, and discuss the possibilities confidentially with your assistant instructors.

We at Tiger Claw want you to succeed as a martial arts instructor and business owner. It’s not an easy task. We commend you on your hard work and hope that any advice or suggestions we give help you succeed.

“Few things are impossible to diligence and skill. Great works are performed not by strength, but perseverance.” –Samuel Johnson (1709-1784)

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