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9 Section Whip Chain (DVD)

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Nine Section Whip Chain: Generally martial arts weapons are classified into two categories, the soft and the hard. Nine-Section Whip belongs to the soft category. It can use its softness to attack and its stillness to defend against the hard opponent.With any weapon, you should be very familiar with its use and safety. A lot of practice must be invested in order to become an expert, especially with whip chain. This tape show you how to master the whip and enjoy its glory. You will learn step-by-step instructions on the 14 basic techniques of the whip chain. Slow motion and reverse angles clearly reveal each movement. Then, the complete routine is divided into 4 sections. This is further broken down into a total 28 movements for easy learning. Also included in this tape is the special bonus complete routine - Twin Whip Chains. Demonstrated by National Champions Zhang Yi Rong and Fan Rei Chu. (50 min.)


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