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8 Deadly Samurai Sword Cuts, Vol. 1

Now For the First Time on Video! The complete sword style of Miyamoto Musashi- Japan's Greatest Swordsman and author of "Go Rin No Sho-The Book of Five Rings." This three-volume set includes all the fighting kata and techniques of Musashi including the long sword, short sword, and two-sword kata and techniques of Niten Ichi Ryu style as interpreted by noted martial arts authority and historian George W. Alexander, Ph.D. This rare style has never before been put on DVD!

Volume 1 - History, warm-ups, basics, kamae, the Eight Deadly Cuts- Happo no Giri , fighting techniques for Daito-Long Sword and Nito-two sword style. Long sword versus long sword and long sword versus two sword kata. Plus a bonus! Musashi Style Test Cutting!






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