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5th International Chen Village Taiji Push Hand Competition

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Master Ren Guang-Yi and The International Chen Style Taijiquan Association present for the first time on video Chen Taiji Push Hands taped live from the 5th annual Wenxian International Taijiquan Conference held in August 1998 - the last competition of this millennium. In this tape you will see "real" competitive push hands- the martial art of Taijiquan. The competitors exhibit sensitivity- rooting- and explosive power (fajing) as they sweep, trip, throw, and push. The essential energies of Taijiquan i.e. warding- rolling- pressing- pushing- grasping- splitting- elbow striking and shoulder striking are employed. Also included is a trip through Chen Village to see the training hall and villagers practicing plus the ancient plaques and many historical sites as well as an interview with Chen Xiaowang and a rare demonstration by him. (57 min.)


SKU:   DVD-GR008




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