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2001 U.S. Open Kuoshu/Martial Arts Championships

A full 90 minutes of artful exhibitions of masters from around the world. This action-packed video includes dozens of amazing performances, such as Eagle Claw of Lily Lau, Monkey Style Kungfu of Chan Sau Chung (Hong Kong), Plum Blossom Praying Mantis of Zhang Wai Fu, Zhang Bing Dou (China), Southern Praying Mantis of Henry Poo Yee, Jin Woo Moon of Chu Shiu Ki (Hong Kong), Iron Palm of Wayne Lee (Hawaii), Yau Kung Moon of Richard Wan, Hung Gar of John Leung, Choy Lay Fut of Li Siu Hung, Doc Fai Wong, Bak Mei of Zhong Luo, O-Mei of Chen Jiang, Tony Chen, Wing Chun of Augustine Fong, Taichi of Bryant Fong, Hok King Cheung, Henry Look, Li Shu Dong, plus many, many more.


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