KUNG FU TAI CHI 20 YEARS Trilogy, Bourne Legacy & Tai Chi: Discover the Ancient Art


On June 9-10, Kung Fu Tai Chi celebrated its 20th Anniversary. Read Gene Ching’s trilogy on KFTC 20 YEARS: KUNG FU TAI CHI 20 YEARS: Set-Up, KUNG FU TAI CHI 20 YEARS: Tiger Claw’s KungFuMagazine.com Championships and 20th Anniversary Gala Banquet and KUNG FU TAI CHI 20 YEARS: KFTC DAY.
Does the 4th Bourne film live up to the martial excellence of the 1st? Read Bourne Again: THE BOURNE LEGACY by Gene Ching.

Enter to win TAI CHI: Discover the Ancient Art! Contest ends 6:00 p.m. PST on 08/23/2012. Good luck everyone!

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